Language Club

Promoting Foreign language and culture

Learning We'll help you learn your language of interest.

Social activities are a major part of Language Club.

Community We care about promoting foreign languages and culture in the community.

Monthly Highlights
  • 11/1 meeting  at 3:30 in Howard 211
  • 11/7 meeting at 4:30 in Davidson 258
  • 11/15 meeting at 3:30 in TBA
  • No meeting 11/21
  • 11/29 meeting at 3:30 in TBA
Requirements to join

 2.0 GPA

5 dollar membership dues

Be sure to show your support for our first fundraiser!

Tuesday, November 13, we are selling doughnuts outside of the Library. They are $0.50 each or $4.00 for a dozen. We plan to be there at 8:00 AM bright and early!

Suggestion Box

We're a new club, and we're still trying to find our direction. We want members and future members input on what we should do with the club, so if you have any ideas, submit them here!


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